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The Girls of Enid-Land

upper_fourthI count our successes those who learn to be good-hearted and kind, sensible and trustable, good, sound women the world can lean on.

Miss Grayling – First Term at Malory Towers

A girl of Enid-Blyton-Land must study hard but not be too studious, play hard but never slack off, never pay too much attention to her looks lest she be branded a feather-head but always be “well-turned out”, be independent and clever yet never look so far into the future she forgets to be an ordinary school-girl.  Miss Grayling’s gentle speech may be an inspiring one, but the girls of Malory Towers were determined to lick you into shape should you fail to meet their standards. It was an arduous path to becoming the well-rounded woman that Enid expected you to be.