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The Girls of Enid-Land

upper_fourthI count our successes those who learn to be good-hearted and kind, sensible and trustable, good, sound women the world can lean on.

Miss Grayling – First Term at Malory Towers

A girl of Enid-Blyton-Land must study hard but not be too studious, play hard but never slack off, never pay too much attention to her looks lest she be branded a feather-head but always be “well-turned out”, be independent and clever yet never look so far into the future she forgets to be an ordinary school-girl.  Miss Grayling’s gentle speech may be an inspiring one, but the girls of Malory Towers were determined to lick you into shape should you fail to meet their standards. It was an arduous path to becoming the well-rounded woman that Enid expected you to be.

Tinned Prawns and Pineapple – Malory Towers Marches On

Earlier in the year I read the continuations of St. Clare’s written by Pamela Cox, and I although I enjoyed them I was slightly disappointed. You can read my further ramblings on The Sixth Form at St. Clare’s here.

I ordered the Third Form at St. Clare’s and Kitty at St Clare’s recently. Sixth Form and Third Form were published in 2000, with Kitty at St. Clare’s published in 2008. I noticed Kitty at St. Clare’s seemed to return to a more traditional format rather than being slightly modernized. At the same time I ordered the first two in a six-part continuation of my beloved Malory Towers books. I read the first two in short order, ordered the next four, and have had a delightful week at Malory Towers as they have started arriving.

The Further Adventures of Enid Blyton

I just finished the Sixth Form at St Clare’s today, a continuation in the original St Clare’s series which finished, somewhat abruptly (for me anyway) with the Fifth Form. I was quite happy to see that had written some more books to fill gaps in the series and continue the story on.  I found a second-hand copy a couple of weeks ago. I hadn’t gotten around to buying them yet as the boxed set went out of print and I was waiting for them to do a new boxed set.