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Just Another Update: Crickhollow Books Website Launched


crickhollow_homepageJust checking in from behind a pile of books. The Crickhollow Books website is ready. Well, mostly. Books are available for sale but I am still populating, so it will be a few weeks before I’ve got a large selection on there. For now I’m adding children’s books and some science fiction and fantasy.

Meanwhile don’t forget to visit us at Nerdalicious, which we’re updating daily.

Nerd is The Word



Where the heck have we been? Working. I’ve been working on the Crickhollow Books website, which is almost finished. “Almost finished” means I am done with my incessant fiddling (because once I start I just can’t seem to stop, with disastrous results) and am actually adding books to the website. Which is the purpose, of course, but I always arrive in a roundabout fashion. I’m hoping to have it done next week, if I can sit on my hands, so to speak. My brains have been too fried to read so I’ve been catching up on Doctor Who Series One and Two. I did read a Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape by Jenna Miscavige Hill, which was interesting to say the least. But I’m hoping to get back to my Susan Cooper books (Dark is Rising Sequence) during the long weekend, and maybe grab the new Robin Hobb.

Would You Pat An Alien?

There is a good reason why there hasn’t been a book review for two weeks, and that’s because I haven’t managed to finish my book. It is an excellent book, by the way (still reading A Confusion of Princes). But I’ve been glued to the computer trying to set up a new website with the crap-cart-I-shall-not-name which has drained the life out of me, and if I have been managing to finish before 5 a.m I have been watching Big Bang Theory with Craig. And not reading. It’s appalling. Even more appalling is the fact that almost two weeks of working on this cart and I’m about to ditch it for another one.

Holiday Chickens and Greetings

The coolest book I have seen all year…

Craig brought this one home the other day with a big smile. Love at first sight for me (and yes I am keeping it)

For now I have abandoned the four or five Tudor history books I’m reading and gotten out my favourite Allen and Unwin set of Lord of the Rings to start my old Christmas reading tradition again.

A very frantic December is consuming most of my time at the moment, I’m also doing a few shifts at the restaurant I’ve been cooking at for a few years . The book shop is busier this year than we’ve been in about three years.

The Week in Crickhollow and Random Things

Yes, there’s not been a lot of blogs lately. Computer problems, a new job, working two jobs while I finished up my old job, and more shenanigans from Telstra leading to internet problems, made December an even more difficult month than usual. I’ve spent the last few weeks attempting to recover. And while I had no internet the books managed to breed into uncontrollable amounts (hence walking in my study is again proving difficult) We’ve also been setting up the book room at the front, which won’t be finished until Craig finds the perfect desk. It will mean a huge study we can share, when we get it finished.  And I’d like to cram a comfy reading chair in there.

A week of laptop woes

Well, there is no new book reviews or other related shenanigans this weekend. The week started off simply enough. I was planning my work week which was coming along nicely

Now my laptop has bravely withstood a great deal of verbal abuse, the occasional physical abuse and the results of my outstanding clumsiness (being the in the unfortunate position of having a cord which I can trip over repeatedly) but on Wednesday night it finally decided that it had had enough. It stopped charging the battery. After some, er,  very calm…

Bloody Sweeney Watch It Again

Tim Burton brings a London to the screen so magnificently ruinous (like Mrs Lovett’s pies) you can almost smell the decay.
Depp’s scowling portrayal of Todd brings a new intensity to the revenge obsessed barber, while Helena Bonham-Carter’s world-worn Mrs Lovett, in her dreams of a new life beside the sea-side, touches the heart with a ridiculous poignancy.
The young lovers are sweet, the villains, scoundrels.
With flashing razors, gallons of blood, lashings of humour, possibly the first musical murder montage, it has all the vengeance fueled intensity of Japanese Kabuki theatre.
A bloody good romp.

Watch it again.