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Mary Norton – The Borrowers and The Borrowers Afield 1st Edition


I’ve just picked up these two treasures, a third printing of The Borrowers and a first edition of The Borrowers Afield by Mary Norton, with illustrations by Diana Stanley. This is the first time I have seen these in hardcover and they are just gorgeous.


The Borrowers
Mary Norton, Illustrated by Diana Stanley
J.M Dent and Sons 3rd Printing 1955

For sale (for now, these might make their way back to my shelf) here.



The Borrowers Afield
Mary Norton, Illustrated by Diana Stanley
J.M Dent and Sons 1st Printing 1955

Mary Elwynn Patchett Kidnappers of Space First Edition 1953


Kidnappers of Space
Mary Elwynn Patchett
Lutterworth First Published 1953

Really scarce title, science fiction story from the author or many horse stories, such as The Brumby, My Friend Flicka, set in the ‘future’ 1976 where two astronauts are kidnapped by the “Golden Men of Mars”

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The Three Investigators The Secret of the Haunted Mirror Collins Hardcover


This is not the most difficult to find in the hardcovers – although it is one of the harder to find titles, number 21. But this is one of my absolute favourite Three Investigators covers.

Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators In
The Secret of the Haunted Mirror
M.V Carey
Collins 1st Thus 1979, Small Edition

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Elyne Mitchell The Silver Brumby First Edition 1958


In all my years of finding Elyne Mitchell hardcovers this is the first time I have ever seen The Silver Brumby first edition. The paperbacks of these have been reprinted to death but the first edition hardcovers are really scarce. The jacket is pretty tatty but it’s a lovely thing to see.

The Silver Brumby
Elyne Mitchell, Illustrated Ralph Thompson
Hutchinson 1st 1958

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John D MacDonald Planet Of The Dreamers 1954 First Edition


John D MacDonald’s fourth book and the first published in hardcover, the US edition from 1951 preceding this UK first edition. The UK edition tends to be much scarcer, as Hale printed very few, most of which went to libraries.

Planet Of The Dreamers
John D MacDonald
1954, Robert Hale, London, Hardcover with Dust Jacket, First UK Edition

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1968 Molly Lefebure Scratch & Co First Edition

Scratch-Co-Molly-LeFebureScratch & Co – The Great Cat Expedition

Molly Lefebure, Illustrated by A Wainwright
1968, Victor Gollancz, London, Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, First Edition

Scarce first edition. In the Lake District, an expedition of feline adventurers with dogs as Sherpas and rabbits as porters, sponsored by The Royal Feline Geographical Society sets out to climb the Highest Known Peak, various adventures ensue, encounters with journalists, and later, more dangerously, with foxes. Both a wonderful adventure book, and a witty send up of a mountaineering book, with ‘Alpine Club’ type characters, hairs-breadth rescues and all the tensions of an Himalayan expedition.

Boozy Advertising from the U.K.B.G Guide to Drinks


We found some real gems in this United Kingdom Bartenders Guild guide to drinks. Here’s some vintage advertising from the 1955 edition


Cointreau in your fruit salad and on your grapefruit. There’s a boozy breakfast…


Because if they are drinking it in Paris…


Gin and “It”? The “IT” apparently refers to the Italian vermouth.  Gin and Pep contains a peppermint creme de menthe. The guide also has recipes for Gin Toddy and Gin Cobblers.

DSCN6758 DSCN6759

A couple of King George VI’s favourites…


Elizabeth of York – The Book of Princes and Princesses


…it was a map of her destiny which he had cast from the stars, and that they had told him it was she who would one day wear the English crown.

“But my brother-but the Prince of Wales?” – asked Elizabeth who had much talk of the baby being heir to the throne.

“I know not,” he answered sadly; “But so it is written. No go back to the Queen, and mind, say nought of this, or it will give her sorely.

Philippa Pearce Tom’s Midnight Garden First Edition


Gorgeous cover art. The first edition of this book is stunning, and scarce! I have yet to read this book (on my pile) but a friend of mine told me I am going to struggle through the first chapter, and to keep reading.

Tom’s Midnight Garden
A. Philippa Pearce, Illustrated by Susan Einzig
Oxford First Published 1958

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1933 The Diary Of A Ulysses Passenger Blue Funnel Line



The Diary Of A ‘Ulysses’ Passenger
by AH
No Date (C.1933), The Blue Funnel Line (Alfred Holt & Co), Liverpool, Textured Card Softcover with String Binding, 62p, First Edition

Promotional book in the form of a diary, describing the joys and wonders (and also some of the mundane events) of a voyage from Liverpool, through Marseilles, Egypt, Ceylon, Java, Australia, Africa and back to London on The Blue Funnel Line Steamship ‘Ulysses’, a four month cruise starting on August 26th 1932. With illustrations.

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The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins First Edition


I saw David Attenborough with his copy of this exact edition on a documentary. How cool is that? The cover art is stunning.

The Selfish Gene
Richard Dawkins
1976, Oxford University Press, London, Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 224p, First Edition

Scarce true First Edition of one of the most important scientific books of modern times.

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