The Crowland Chronicle Continuations 1459-1486


It has been ages since I checked in. I have just started university and have been swotting rather earnestly. I have still been shopping for books of course.

This is my latest treasure, The Crowland Chronicle Continuations 1459-1486, edited by Nicholas Pronay and John Cox. This has only had one print run that I am aware of, published by the The Richard III & Yorkist History Trust in 1986. I despaired of every getting a copy of this. The American Branch of the Richard III Society has this available to read online – but of course I prefer a real copy of the book. The handful of times I had checked online there were no copies. Then there were two copies at around the $2000 mark (there is still one copy online for about $2250 AU) which is completely out of my price range. But I managed to pick this up for less than a tenth of the other guys asking price – probably much closer to it’s actual value.


It has the original text transcribed followed by the new translation, and the introductory chapters cover the question of authorship, a history of the abbey and a historiography of the chronicle itself. My copy just arrived from a book shop in Japan -it has been well-used, the jacket is slightly grubby, the compressed page edges are spotty, but it’s a real treasure.