The Lament of a Fantasy Geek: Mismatched Covers

This is my first set of of the Song of Ice and Fire series. The first four books are my first edition trade paperbacks. I bought A Dance with Dragons in hardcover when it was released, but when I went to buy the paperback, they had stopped making trades. Resulting in this



And if you are a mega-nerd like me and need matching covers and same-size books, then this is what happens

Game_of_Thrones_Box Because, of course, I have the space for another giant set of A Song of Ice and Fire books. I refuse to think about my Robert Jordan collection. Luckily for me I haven’t read past book ten which gives me less time to worry about my trade paperback/mass market paperback/old cover/new cover collection of them. I should be thankful I haven’t started Shanarra yet.

The first book, A Game of Thrones was published in 1996, it in fact had its anniversary this week. By 2002 the decision to change the cover art was made. I actually found the original cover art for the UK edition that was not used at the Book Cover Galley over at The cover art is by Jim Burns, who did the covers for the first three UK editions you can see below. Voyager decided to change the design on book four, which eventually spawned a new set of covers. I actually didn’t think about the new art at the time, as it was quite a long time ago and they weren’t really overhauling the cover art on older books at that stage. Of course now everything has a new minimalistic cover.


Here is the original unused cover art by Jim Burns for A Feast for Crows.

A Feast for Crows

So this would have tied in with the first three covers, but they went with the “Goblet” cover. It’s not my favourite cover to be frank. What’s wrong with a giant on the cover? Giants are awesome.

You know what else? Give it a rest with the cloaks already.


5 thoughts on “The Lament of a Fantasy Geek: Mismatched Covers”

  1. What you have to do is get a nice glossy print out of the Jim Burns cover for Feast Of Crows, and glue it over the boring old ‘Chalice’ cover of your trade paperback. I don’t what you can do about the other one, have a book especially made and commission the artist to do a cover at huge expense? Wait for a full set of the special, special edition that is coming out next? I also note that you seem to have kept both sets, the whole notion of replacing the non-matching set should involve getting rid of it. Otherwise it is ‘also-having’.

    1. “Also-having” is perfectly acceptable. I couldn’t part from my first edition trades. I long for a full set of special special special editions but he has to finish the series first. Finish the books George!

  2. Could you offer any insight on the release date of the complete paperback of A Storm of Swords with the Jim Burns art work? I thought it was only released in two parts for the first edition UK paperbacks (Steel and Snow/Blood and Gold).

    1. Sorry for the late reply Rob I’ve been away. The first edition was a trade-sized paperback with the Jim Burns cover art. George only has the hardcover listed here but it may have been published simultaneously with the trade-size.

      With that said the trades could be the ‘export’ editions for Australia, they used to be really common here.

  3. I, for one, am glad they changed the cover art. The busy, detailed, old style covers look cheesy and outdated at this point. The woman with the crow in the bottom left corner (Melisandre?) looks a little like a Halloween witch

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