Would You Pat An Alien?

There is a good reason why there hasn’t been a book review for two weeks, and that’s because I haven’t managed to finish my book. It is an excellent book, by the way (still reading A Confusion of Princes). But I’ve been glued to the computer trying to set up a new website with the crap-cart-I-shall-not-name which has drained the life out of me, and if I have been managing to finish before 5 a.m I have been watching Big Bang Theory with Craig. And not reading. It’s appalling. Even more appalling is the fact that almost two weeks of working on this cart and I’m about to ditch it for another one.

So I installed this cart because I thought it looked user-friendly. Unfortunately they seem to do updates every week which keeps stuffing things up. I did install a few mods but I wasn’t happy with the amount of changes they seemed to make to the core files, so I ended up with four clean installs in a week. That’s not a huge waste of time, but by the end of the week I decided to buy a theme from a mob who had thousands of good reviews so I figured they’d be safe. It recommended a clean install because of the core file changes, so I installed a new one and installed the skin. I then spent half the day fixing the colours and icons before I started checking the pages, and realised one of the files needed to be fixed because crap-cart did yet more changes over the weekend.

Now this is one file that needs fixing. I can tweak some things but fixing core files is beyond me. And as I paid for it I figured the author could fix it for me. I got a response quickly enough initially. Unfortunately a lot of programmers figure you’re wasting their time and rather than reporting a bug you’ve simply stuffed something up and I’ve been waiting days for a reply. That may not seem like a long time but I am impatient and bad-tempered in general so he’s not doing the crap-cart any favours. If I could literally hurl the thing out the window and then run outside and stamp on it, I would.

So I’d say we’re delaying the website for another couple of weeks until I can get the bugs sorted out. I need to get back to the business of bookselling and finish the four books I’m in the middle of. And go “outside” too. Tonight we saw Prometheus and we’re having a discussion about it. Craig is insisting if you saw a slimy, scary looking alien that you wouldn’t go and pat it. But of course, I would.

Next week, book reviews.



2 thoughts on “Would You Pat An Alien?”

  1. Why would you go and pat it? It might be highly intelligent and you’d then regret it’s reactions when it doesn’t like being treated as a pet.

  2. Of course that would be the case. But I also pat books, my plants, the cats, random trees so it’s usually an impulsive reaction. It would have, I’m sure, dire consequences but I would try to do it anyway if I was transfixed.

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