Farewell Brian Jacques 1939 – 2011

Take comfort in those old comrades, who have been companions some two decades, in a world that will last my lifetime, and many lifetimes after mine.

From the immortal Mossflower Country, words from High Rhulain…

“But the warriors true, the brave of heart
Who valiantly upheld the right
They are raised on high to the velvet sky
Bringing light to the darkness of night
They’ll stand there as long as they sky will,
their honour in brightness will glow,
a lesson to see, for eternity,
of where the real warriors go!
So ‘ere my eyelids close in sleep,
these are the words I will say,
may I have the courage and faithfulness,
that my spirit should join them someday”

And for Brian Jacques

For the birth of legends,
For the beautiful deaths of warriors,
For vengeance and justice,
For love and friendship,
For honour and valour,
For the mighty, for the gentle,

For the land that transcends all things,

For Redwall.

2 thoughts on “Farewell Brian Jacques 1939 – 2011”

  1. I’ve never read a Redwall book but I can sympathise with what you are going through Olga. Years ago when Stephen King had his accident courtesy of that stupid van driver, my first rather selfish thoughts were “He can’t die, he hasn’t finished The Dark Tower series!” This was before I had the internet, so it was months before I found out that he’d survived it. When a series grabs you and you love immersing yourself in that world, the author of that world has to be immortal, they’re not allowed to die. Not ever! I felt like that when I read about David Gemmell as well, I would have liked some more Jon Shannow books, thank you very much. And Druss, etc. It’s just not fair to never get more books in much loved series again. But at least they are such good series and the authors are so intertwined with them, that, thankfully, nobody else could take over the writing.

  2. I always thought that as long as he lived there would be another Redwall book, every year. I have just read four of them and only have two to go before the release of the last book. I almost want to hold off and make them last longer. Because 20 years of them still doesn’t seem like enough!
    I got home today and there was a signed Pearls of Lutra sitting on my desk that had just arrived, it nearly set me off again.

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