A week of laptop woes

Well, there is no new book reviews or other related shenanigans this weekend. The week started off simply enough. I was planning my work week which was coming along nicely

Now my laptop has bravely withstood a great deal of verbal abuse, the occasional physical abuse and the results of my outstanding clumsiness (being the in the unfortunate position of having a cord which I can trip over repeatedly) but on Wednesday night it finally decided that it had had enough. It stopped charging the battery. After some, er,¬† very calm…

Did I mention the shrieking? Thankfully I found a new laptop battery on eBay, paid for it, and (im)patiently waited for it to arrive, taking it out on Craig in the meantime and stealing his laptop when he so much as shifted slightly.

Thursday morning the battery arrives, and I pop it in the laptop, turn it on, and the battery blinks at me, the charger  goes up twice, and then stops.

And there goes that idea.

The laptop has gone to the shop. I wailed at Craig until he dropped it off on Thursday afternoon. The fixy-man, however, had the outrageous audacity to get sick on Friday, and now I am waiting until
Monday for the quote.
Meanwhile I decided three days of no computer was quite enough and I should get the desktop out.

Unfortunately this needed to go into my study. I have not decided whether to dub it “The Study of Doom” “The Bermuda Triangle” or “The Cave of Despair” but after many months of shoveling books into it, deciding it was getting full and moving my laptop out to the kitchen table, and then ignoring the study, but still shoveling more books in, it was not an ideal venue to set up desk (or walk in for that matter)

That will learn me.

After the usual difficulty in achieving anything technical I managed to hook it upto the wireless, and hooray, internet!

So a horrendous slew of emails start filling up my inbox and I notice one from Zhia. She informs me her laptop has also, decided to die this week.

No blogs for us.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a monitor with this desktop.¬† I am currently peering at an ancient box monitor, and typing this in notepad beause everything is overlapping in WordPress.

So, we’ll be back next week. Hopefully with computers, and monitors. And book reviews and stuff. And a new blogger will be joining us soon, as soon as I retrieve her details off the laptop (really does it all have to be this difficult?) because I have technically, ah, lost her.

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