Don’t Be Afraid to Read Bentley Little…

My friend Dave is visiting from Western Australia. You will probably hear a bit about Dave in future blogs. Usually referred to as “Dave” or sometimes “Comic Book Dave” depending on what I am discussing. Dave is a passionate book collector, and we have many long discussions about books and our latest finds. Obviously he collects comics, but he also collects a massive amount of fiction, hardback first editions, of course.

One of Dave’s great passions is horror. Not my favourite genre, as you know, I am happy in my world of dragons and magical swords. Bentley Little is one of Dave’s favourite authors. Bentley Little is very popular and I always pick up his books to sell, although I never find the hardcovers (which is of course what Dave is after)

We had lunch last week and I was telling him a little story…

One Saturday afternoon I finished my op-shopping, and burdened with only a single bag for a change I went off towards the bus stop, only to see the bus meandering off in the distance. The buses used to run only once an hour in the late afternoon, and the tiny shopping strip I was stranded in didn’t have much in the way of entertainment. I figured I had a bag of books at least, and walked to the next stop outside a little church where there is a nice lawn and an old tree to sit under while I waited.

I settled down and rummaged through my bag. It was pretty slim pickings, but I had found a copy of “Dominion” by Bentley Little in there. I probably hadn’t read a horror book in years at this point, so I thought I might give it a try. I opened the first page and began to read.

I read a paragraph. Then another. By the third paragraph horrific images were battering me at such an alarming rate I was imagining distant screams. By the end of the first page I hurriedly closed the book and put it back in the bag. But I made sure to place it in the very bottom of the bag, and then cover it defiantly with the rest of the books.

If I can’t see you Mr. Little, you can’t scare me.

Needless to say we were all having a good chuckle at my faint-heartedness, (or being a great big chicken) but I was remembering that this page was actually quite creepy. There was something about women in a room and crawling malformed babies and an utter stink of evil about it. I do put that down to him being a fine writer.

Now I couldn’t remember the title of the book I had that day as I sat to write this, so I went to Amazon to have a look as I could read the first page there. I checked quite a few books which all started off in such a ‘normal’ fashion that I was beginning to think I had imagined it. But about twelve books in I found that page, and the book was “Dominion”

But there was something printed on the fly-leaves of all the books as I went through that was amusing me a great deal.

Don’t Be Afraid to Read Bentley Little…