Harry Potter and the Finale – A Journey

I think most (if not all) devoted Harry Potter fans have suffered ‘Post-Potter-Depression’.

One you devoured your latest Potter in short order you were left with a feeling of  loss. There was, after all, yet another year (or three) to go until your next adventure. Then there was the pre-release hype, the endless online discussions and speculation, the anticipation of once again diving into the world of Hogwarts and seeing your heroes triumph against adversity.

In 2001 they started making films to keep us sated between the dark period of 2000 – 2003 when The Order of the Phoenix was being written. 2001 and 2002 saw the release of the first two movies and while (for me) they were hardly a replacement for my next novel, they were something to keep me occupied.

After ‘Deathly Hallows Day’ in 2007, sometimes in the evening after I finished the book, with many tears and much more elation, the feeling started to sink in again. This was the final book. Harry Potter was no more.

“Don’t worry” my partner comforted me “I’m sure there’ll be ‘The Adventures of Young Dumbledore’ for you to read one day”

“We still have the last movie” Potter fans told each other bracingly.

Yes, there was the last movie. There was Beedle the Bard to look forward to ,and the release of  Harry A History by Melissa Anelli, webmistress extraordinaire of the Leaky Cauldron.

Then last week my partner showed me the trailer for the final movie. I haven’t been keeping up with much news about the movie of late, indeed I wasn’t even sure if they had finished the movie. But there it was.

My Harry Potter journey started ten years ago. For others it has been thirteen. And now we are faced with the very final chapter in our very long adventure.

So, as is my usual tradition, I’ll re-read all of the books leading up to the movie. I might even watch the movies again, or the David Yates ones at least. As much as I feel that slight pang of anxiety that there will be no more, there is really no way to contain the excitement of entering the wizarding world again, for the greatest adventure yet.