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1968 Molly Lefebure Scratch & Co First Edition

Scratch-Co-Molly-LeFebureScratch & Co – The Great Cat Expedition

Molly Lefebure, Illustrated by A Wainwright
1968, Victor Gollancz, London, Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, First Edition

Scarce first edition. In the Lake District, an expedition of feline adventurers with dogs as Sherpas and rabbits as porters, sponsored by The Royal Feline Geographical Society sets out to climb the Highest Known Peak, various adventures ensue, encounters with journalists, and later, more dangerously, with foxes. Both a wonderful adventure book, and a witty send up of a mountaineering book, with ‘Alpine Club’ type characters, hairs-breadth rescues and all the tensions of an Himalayan expedition.