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Medieval People were Gruesome Violent Beasts


This week my friend Jamie Adair discussed How Much Violence is Too Much on Game of Thrones. I was amused to hear that Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys, was covered with so much fake gore after shooting one scene that, during a break, she got stuck to the toilet seat. But I really don’t find Game of Thrones that violent. Too much sex, yes.  But the level of violence in Game of Thrones is not enough to make me cover my eyes, I might have cringed once or twice, but it’s not like watching a Tarantino film. I lost count of how many times I covered my eyes when I was watching Inglorious Basterds in the cinema. Django Unchained wasn’t actually quite as bad (although I might have covered my eyes once or twice). It was the scalping in Inglorious Basterds that got me. That is what I consider really violent. In fact, looking at the inspiration behind A Song of Ice and Fire, which is largely French and English medieval history, the show is quite tame. It could, in fact, be far more violent. And it seems fans expect violence.

The Lament of a Fantasy Geek: Mismatched Covers

This is my first set of of the Song of Ice and Fire series. The first four books are my first edition trade paperbacks. I bought A Dance with Dragons in hardcover when it was released, but when I went to buy the paperback, they had stopped making trades. Resulting in this



And if you are a mega-nerd like me and need matching covers and same-size books, then this is what happens

My Year in Reading and Other Bookish Things

I actually managed to knock over a whole lot of my reading list this year, at least two or three books a month, including re-reads. I am, quite frankly, surprised at myself (and insufferably pleased with myself I might add) that I not only managed to get through a large quantity, I branched out a lot and read a good variety. It is no mean feat that I get through a book that (if not an Enid Blyton) does not grace me with the presence of a dragon.

Some Quick Thoughts – A Dance with Dragons by George R.R Martin

This is not a formal review and contains no spoilers

I didn’t have much reading time over the last few weeks and it took me two weeks to finish Dance With Dragons. Because I’ve been so distracted I had a really difficult time with it, and I didn’t re-read the Song of Ice and Fire books as I was planning to. Quite frankly i was feeling a bit lost. Luckily Craig had re-read them and finished reading Dance With Dragons before me so I was able to keep badgering him. Mostly “Who is this guy?”