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The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins First Edition


I saw David Attenborough with his copy of this exact edition on a documentary. How cool is that? The cover art is stunning.

The Selfish Gene
Richard Dawkins
1976, Oxford University Press, London, Hard Cover with Dust Jacket, 224p, First Edition

Scarce true First Edition of one of the most important scientific books of modern times.

Purchase here (sold)

The Lament of a Fantasy Geek: Mismatched Covers

This is my first set of of the Song of Ice and Fire series. The first four books are my first edition trade paperbacks. I bought A Dance with Dragons in hardcover when it was released, but when I went to buy the paperback, they had stopped making trades. Resulting in this



And if you are a mega-nerd like me and need matching covers and same-size books, then this is what happens

Penguin’s Science Fiction – A Brief Trip Through Time

Philip K. Dick's Time out of Joint
Philip K. Dick’s Time out of Joint. Cover illustration by Peter Tybus

From the iconic orange and white covers to the amazing modern art and superb children’s illustrators, Penguin Books has always been the leader in cover art. There is even a Penguin Collector’s Society, their aim to conserve and preserve vintage Penguin books.

The first Penguin paperbacks appeared in the summer of 1935 and included works by Ernest Hemingway, André Maurois and Agatha Christie. They were colour coded (orange for fiction, blue for biography, green for crime) and cost just sixpence, the same price as a packet of cigarettes. The way the public thought about books changed forever – the paperback revolution had begun.

Harry Through the Ages : Seven New Covers for Harry Potter

harry-potter-sorcerersEarlier this year, Scholastic announced that they would be releasing a boxed set of Harry Potter books featuring new covers designed by critically acclaimed artist Kazu Kibuishi, author of the graphic novel series Amulet . The books will be released in September 2013 to coincide with the 15th anniversary of the U.S publication of the first book.

“The Harry Potter covers by Mary GrandPré are so fantastic and iconic,” said Kibuishi. “When I was asked to submit samples, I initially hesitated because I didn’t want to see them reinterpreted! When illustrating the covers, I tried to think of classic perennial paperback editions of famous novels and how those illustrations tend to feel. In a way, the project became a tribute to both Harry Potter and the literary classics.”

Frank Victoria’s Art Blog

Fantasy_copyright_flatFVEvery fantasy and science-fiction fan loves a good cover. I discovered Frank Victoria’s artwork on the covers of The Chronicles of the Tree by Mary Victoria ( his wife and my favourite new fantasy author). I particularly loved the artwork for Chronicles of the Tree, not just because they captured the immense scope of the world Mary created, but that they also have that wonderful ethereal quality which was once so traditional to fantasy cover art.

Modern cover art is evolving into stark, minimal covers with more branding and little storytelling. An exceptional cover should encompass all that is integral to the story, and that is just what these do.