My name is Olga Hughes and I’ve been collecting and selling books for about ten years. This is my personal blog where I chat about books I see, books I buy (lots) and occasionally review books. I live in South Gippsland, my new land of bliss, with my partner C.S. Hughes. Lately we enjoy driving around and looking at cows. There’s even cows in the paddock across the road from the supermarket.

I run the nerdalicious online magazine Nerdalicious with C.S. which has about 25,000 – 30,000 visitors a month. I also write for the awesome History Behind Game of Thrones. Soon I’ll be contributing to the new Tudor Society magazine.

The website is now closed but you can still order books from the eBay Shop. You can also order direct, just contact me. Please be kind and don’t contact me about buying your books, I do not buy books. Unless you have an Origin of The Species or The Hobbit first edition to sell me for a few bucks.




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