Review: Pureheart by Cassandra Golds

9780143204275Gal and Deirdre have forgotten something.  something really, really important.

When her grandmother dies, Deirdre is left alone in a crumbling block of flats. Looking out the window one misty night, she sees a boy who seems familiar.  Together, he and Deirde must discover the secret of the old building, before it collapses and the secret is lost forever . . .


Deirdre and Gal have been friends for a lifetime. Brought together when they were five, they instantly developed a bond, a friendship that is tested sorely over the course of their tale, a bond broken and battered and reforged, like a magical sword from a medieval tale. When Gal finds Deirdre in the crumbling ruins of the once-grand Corbenic, he has gone to claim her. But perhaps it is Corbenic that will claim them both.

The mysterious Corbenic holds many secrets. As Gal and Deirdre explore the depths of the building over the years, its secrets begin to unfold. But with each revelation comes more danger, danger from a source far closer than Deirdre could imagine. Only Gal understands the real peril, and will protect Deirdre from harm at any cost.

This tale is not meant to be simply read, it must be unraveled. It is a journey through time, a medieval legend steeped in dark magic, a Brothers Grimm fairytale, a Gothic horror, a love story terrifying and elating at the same time. Superbly crafted, a richly layered and visual exploration of the mind, of grief, and of love and forgiveness, the determination of evil and the devotion of true love. An eerie, heartbreaking and enchanting fairytale.

Rating: ★★★★★

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