Creature Comforts

It has been a terribly long time between blogs, and it is rather too late to blame Spring (as it is now Summer), which always appears very suddenly in Melbourne, and is always followed by a mad dash attending to everyone who has woken up from their Winter sleep, demanding food, water and new digs. While I’ve been taking a much-needed break from history books, I found the last two historical fiction books I read pretty uninspiring and reverted back to some of my favourite things, children’s books of course.

I’ll be doing my traditional “Christmas” re-reads (Tolkien and C.S Lewis) soon but I have managed to squeeze in some Noel Streatfeild (gorgeous) and The Rats of NIMH series (spectacular) along with some of my favourite Blyton school stories over November. This week I spent reading my small collection of Nicholas Stuart Gray books, but more on that later.

Some of my favourite books are about mice, of course. I’m not sure which mouse it was in my childhood that gave me my life-long love of mouse characters, but if I see any book with a mouse on the cover, I’m in. The Rats of NIMH isĀ  not strictly about mice but mainly about rats (although the Frisbees are mice) but after finishing the two sequels which I hadn’t read until this year I decided I won’t read anything but children’s books this month. I dug out these two Puffins today, the Rescuers (which I haven’t read before) and Rebels of Journey’s End. The author was only thirteen when she wrote the book. Besides mice, there is a cat, a chipmunk and a little girl.

And of course everyone who loves childrens books loves a good cat. Especially a magical one, and they are usually black. Carbonel is outstanding, as far as magical cats go, and one of my favourites. I read these a few years ago and took them off the shelf today when I was looking for this weeks reading pile. Perhaps Grimbold inspired me, but it’s definitely a week for my favourite creatures.

They always know better than us humans of course.


7 thoughts on “Creature Comforts”

  1. You’ll have to read The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents. A most magical cat. From Terry Pratchett’s Discworld of course.

  2. Don’t suppose you have copies of the Carbonel books available for sale? I bought a copy of the first one from Suzie at a garage sale I shared with her a month ago or so, and would love to reread the others!

    1. I’ve answered about the books over at Suz’s blog Jen. Now I haven’t read many of Gallico’s books, which one was Manxmouse in?
      I read Jennie last year and fell in love with it! She was a wonderful cat.

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