Suz on Meeting Sir Terry Pratchett, AKA Pterry AKA Not Nervous

Moist von Lipwig, Sally and Sir Terry

Sir Terry Pratchett, or as we in the Discworld fan world prefer to call him, Pterry, is one of my favourite authors. Not THE favourite, but one
of them. There are a number of stories out there about how I became a
fan, I know as I wrote them. This is the true story for a given value of

I was spending a lot of time in the car and was running out of time to
read books so listening to audio books seemed like a good way of
previewing books for the kids. I was listening to Hogfather and at times
forgot to press stop when I picked them up. They laughed, this was not
good. But that’s not the beginning of the story…

When the kids were little they’d watch TV, come to think of it they’re
still watching TV but it’s more adult stuff now. One of the programmes
was a lovely stop motion animation series called Truckers. I loved it,
they didn’t. I was in my favourite book shop of the time, Benn’s Books
in Bentleigh, and happened on a book of the same name so I bought it and the two sequels. I was entranced, totally entranced. These are three absolutely magical books about nomes who are three inches high living in our world and how they go home. Every time I read these books I get that same sense of awe and wonder as that first time. One day I’ll manage to buy the DVD and watch every episode.

Anyway, back to looking for books the kids could read. Browsing the
library’s shelves of audio books gave me The Hogfather and that was
possibly the first step. The kids argue with me but that’s my story.
When I found the Bromeliad Trilogy (Truckers, Diggers and Wings) I also
found Sourcery, a Discworld book. Sourcery is an interesting book to
read and I wasn’t interested so Discworld had to wait until The Hogfather.

2005 is an ominous year, it’s the year I discovered people organising a
Discworld Convention in Melbourne. I was bored, so bored I wasn’t just
climbing the walls but washing them. I volunteered for the committee and haven’t regretted the decision. When the First Australian Discworld Convention actually happened in 2007 I was there to be one of the first to welcome Pterry but I was sooooo nervous I greeted his Random House representative first. Anyway, a good time was had by all and we’re currently organising the fourth Australian Discworld Convention for Melbourne next year with a sibling organisation directing proceedings at the Unseen University in Adelaide in July, more information can be found at the best websites in town, and on Facebook.

Suzie is not at all cowed by authors and their writing ability, she can
stammer as she greets the best of them. You can find her writing
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