Concerning Hobbits

And the final Hobbit (of late). I was browsing on eBay when I came across this second edition, seventh impression from 1955. I mentioned it to Craig as it was listed for only $250 buy-it-now. Craig had a look and told me it had an eight impression dustjacket.

“You can swap the jacket on your other one” he suggested.

This was met with total indignation. I told him I wasn’t going to corrupt my birthday present and I could simply keep them both. I then placed it on my watch list. It was ending on Saturday night and I noticed someone had bid on it already. Fully intending to bid, we got swamped early on at the restaurant and I didn’t hear my phone alert. I was looking at my phone as Craig was driving me home later and saw the bid alert. I started wailing and cursing, and told Craig I had forgotten to bid on it when he asked me what was wrong. He asked me how much it went for.

“Opening bid” I replied angrily.

“Oh good, that was my bid” he cheerfully informed me.

It’s now keeping my other Hobbit company in the bookcase. It is actually slightly tempting to swap the jackets around, but as Craig keeps mockingly threatening to sell the new one, I have left them as is and (mockingly in turn) locked the bookcase. My two lovely Hobbits sit side-by-side. With the wrong jackets.

Concerning other Hobbits I did also recently purchase The Art of the Hobbit, which is beautifully done and I highly recommend. Next on my wishlist is the The Hobbit, Mr Baggins and the Return to Bag-End which is another deluxe slip-cased edition by Harper Collins.

And finally Harper Collins and Christopher Tolkien are working on a facsimile of the first edition. I’m sure all Tolkien fans share my excitement at finally being able to read the original text without the $20,000 price-tag. Just in time for the movie, of course!




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