Concerning Hobbits

Another one purchased from Steve’s bookshop. A shiny Harper Collins edition from  1995, which I had completely forgotten about. I may have been planning on reading this particular copy but I never have, it’s been shelved for many years. It’s the fourth edition and the first hardcover copy I got in it’s original sort of format.


And this is my Folio copy, a reprint from 2002. At the time I thought Folio had only done it in this edition, and this was acquired with some effort as there didn’t seem to be a great deal of them around at the time. I have the matching Lord of the Rings and I have never quite decided if these ones are decorative or slightly gaudy, but I love the binding nonetheless.

And this is the movie book of The Hobbit published by Abrams in 1977.  It is based on the animated film they made in the 70’s. Now I had been desperately trying to get a copy of this for about two years. It’s ridiculously heavy and the only copies that kept coming up on eBay were in the US, and the postage was really expensive so I was always missing out on them.

One day, Craig, who I hadn’t been seeing for very long at the time, casually presented me with a copy.

“Here’s a ‘coming to visit’ present” he told me and handed me this enormous book.  I think I stared at it for about 30 seconds after I unwrapped it and was torn somewhere between glee, mirth, and outrage. Then I settled on glee. It’s really nicely bound, fully illustrated and it’s got an awesome acetate jacket with Smaug on it, he is only visible when the dustjacket is on. I still love taking this one out and going through it.

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