The Chronicles of the Tree: Volume III Oracle’s Fire by Mary Victoria

The Tree is all the world. And that world is dying …

After Samiha is thrown from the docks in Argos city, Tymon is condemned to a life of slavery in a Tree-mine. During his ordeals, he glimpses a vision of his love and becomes obsessed by the thought that she is still alive. When disaster strikes the mine, he is left wandering the tunnels at the heart of the Tree, clinging to the hope that he might find her once again.

Meanwhile, the Saint′s crusade is tearing the Four Canopies apart, and Lace and his Masters pursue their own deadly plans. Even as Tymon travels deep into the Tree, the Envoy′s acolytes are sent out on a mission to Lacuna, the legendary World Below …

The journey ends here, at the edge of the world, in the Heart of the Tree and in the world below the Storm. Leaving the gentle build of the first two instalments in it’s wake, the final volume in the Chronicles of the Tree flows seamlessly towards a remarkable conclusion.

Tymon and Jedda continue on a quest fraught with emotion, the bitter anguish of loss and the hunger for redemption driving them relentlessly on, besieged every step of the way by Lace, as he batters at their resolve with wave upon wave of dark magic.

Delving deeper into the minds of some familiar characters, such as the Grafters and the Jays, we also see strong developments in the psyches of Jedda and Wick, and a bright new star named Zero, instrumental in Tymon’s journey. The plot is superbly crafted, with much of the action simultaneously taking part in different locations, with small and tightly woven threads of each characters’ role played in a common and critical pursuit.

Rarely does such powerful imagery leap from the written word, at times beautiful, terrifying, and captivating at every turn, creating a vivid depiction of a world on the brink of disaster and the extraordinary heart of those determined to save it at any cost.

Rating: ★★★★★

You can visit Mary at where you can keep up with her blog and explore more of the World Tree in her extensive Dictionary of the Tree. There is also a great gallery with the full cover art created by her outrageously talented husband, Frank Victoria. Enjoy!