Some Quick Thoughts – A Dance with Dragons by George R.R Martin

This is not a formal review and contains no spoilers

I didn’t have much reading time over the last few weeks and it took me two weeks to finish Dance With Dragons. Because I’ve been so distracted I had a really difficult time with it, and I didn’t re-read the Song of Ice and Fire books as I was planning to. Quite frankly i was feeling a bit lost. Luckily Craig had re-read them and finished reading Dance With Dragons before me so I was able to keep badgering him. Mostly “Who is this guy?”

I won’t blame it all on George. There is the fact that this is an ‘in-between’ book, re-tracing steps from the last book, and leading onto the next.  Unfortunately there is not enough conclusion, anywhere. And a cliffhanger or seven. I hate cliffhangers when I know it might be a long wait until the next book.

Still I am concerned, this felt like the sort of ‘in-between’ book that makes up most of the Wheel of Time series, and that did not work out well for me. There was a lot of new characters included,  some who’s story began and finished within this book, and I wonder if they were necessary. You get inside the head of some of the old characters, which means there is now a lot of different characters narrating chapters. This book, while I know that it is leading to the next installment, just seems to lose it’s way at times.

It is, of course, well-written, and all the rest. I admit I am starting to get bored to death by Daenerys, who I am quite sure is a large figment of George’s sexual imagination, and she has still   failed to really impress me in any way. On the whole, even my favourite characters have made a lot of bad choices and I didn’t really find a lot of ‘moments’ in this book. It almost felt like a chore getting through this to the next part of the series.

I mustn’t forget Tyrion, though, who is truly magnificent and fast becoming my favourite character of all.

Unfortunately the TV adaptation didn’t do much for me, I am going to have to patiently wait for the next book to be written (a couple of hundred pages so far I hear)