The Chronicles of the Tree: Tymon’s Flight by Mary Victoria

The World Tree rises up out of the seething clouds like a green mountain. All creation nestles in its green branches. There is no world besides this one … or so the people believe.
Tymon grows up at Argos seminary in the lush heart of the Central Canopy, where science is a heretical pursuit and travel beyond the Tree is banned. But he yearns to break free of these rules and discover new horizons. When he
meets a despised Nurian slave in the city baths, his dreams of freedom take on a completely different meaning.

Banished to a drought-ridden colony, Tymon falls in with a group of Nurian rebels and finds himself facing difficult choices. Fighting for freedom and power is not so enticing when it may mean betraying his own people and severing all ties to the world he knows …

There is a lot about the debut novel from Mary Victoria that could be called familiar.  The outcast orphan as your hero, a mysterious slave-girl who is not really what she seems, an eccentric scientist/inventor/wizard and mentor, a small band of rebels fighting for freedom from the oppression of a tyrannical institution. Religion, magic, mystery, and…dirigibles. Well, the aircraft that navigate the world that exists entirely in a colossal tree is perhaps not so typical.

This is a world that is so utterly convincing, yet it so difficult to describe in words. It is, in fact, a world you will need to experience yourself.

The book starts off quietly, not slowly, rather it is a long stroll through the world of the Tree, the cities that exists along it’s rambling branches, the Seminary, the Religion and it’s inhabitants. Tymon’s story is introduced with all the rumblings of a young boy trapped by circumstance longing for adventure, an orphan indentured to the Seminary, raised among strict priests and power-hungry young men, a world we he does not fit in, but is at a loss as to how to break out. When Galliano, Tymon’s old friend, inventor and suspected heretic, builds a dirigible to escape Argos and see the world below, Tymon is desperate to join him.

And then, very suddenly, you’re taking confident strides through this world, a world created so unequivocally it seems like it should have always existed. Plunged deep into the great canopy of the Tree, this intriguing story picks up the pace, and Tymon meets a beautiful slave, the catalyst who will take him on a voyage of self-discovery and change his life forever.

Tymon’s Flight brings something wholly refreshing to the world of fantasy books, with all the best elements of classic fantasy merged into a fascinating world rich in history, with a desperate struggle against the tyranny of evil, a battle which will have you captivated until the very end.

It is a mystical, breathtaking journey, and you will, as the saying goes “Go, in the Beauty”

Rating: ★★★★★

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