The Great Redwall Hunt : Volume VI Martin the Warrior

Martin the Warrior continues the saga with the long-awaited history of Martin, Redwall’s most glorious hero, who rises from slavery to become the greatest warrior the land would ever know.

I know I haven’t been keeping up with these lately when I should have, as I have the entire collection now, but I’ve been a little down since the untimely death of Brian Jacques. I felt like I couldn’t do the books justice, for a time, but as fans, we’re here to keep the books alive and keep spreading the word of the magic of Redwall.

Now this one I read a long time ago,probably as a teenager, and I was really looking forward to reading more about Martin’s life. Although Brian Jacques had delved into Martin’s role in the building of Redwall Abbey in Mossflower, I felt this one was going to be something special.  Of course it didn’t disappoint.

The Following Contains Spoilers

One of the most tragic and beautiful tales of Redwall, it tells the tale of the love between Martin the Warrior and the gentle Laterose of Noonvale. Martin has been captured by Badrang the Tyrant and is being held prisoner at Fort Marshank. Badrang stole his fathers sword from him, and Martin vows to escape and reclaim the sword of Luke.

Martin and his two fellow slaves Felldoh and Brome are rescued by Rose and her her friend, Grumm Trencher the mole. Brome and Felldoh manage to get separated from the others, and meet the Rambling Rosehip Players, who agree to assist them in rescuing the remaining slaves at Fort Marshank.  After many trials from each party, they eventually form the Fur and Freedom fighters to launch a final attack on Marshank, and bloody battle ensues.

Horribly, Rose is slain by Badrang, leaving Martin devastated, and he sets off for Mossflower, where he will of course later begin the battle for Mossflower country. This is a wonderful tale which lends some real insight into the Abbey Warrior, an insight not really captured in the previous tale of Mossflower.

Hero: Martin the Warrior

Villain: Badrang the Stoat

Supporting Heroes: Laterose of Noonvale, Felldoh, Brome, Grumm Trencher, Barkon, Keyla and Hillgorse

Honourable Mentions: Rambling Rosehip Players

Best Moment:

With his last vestige of strength, the young mouse pushed the slain foebeast from him and tugged his father’s sword loose. Lying on his side with sand crusting the blood of his warwounds, Martin saw dawn’s light beam across the face of Rose where she lay close to him by the wall.

The merciful darkness closed in on him as he murmured to her ‘Rose we could have chopped the sycamore down with this’….