The Week in Crickhollow and Random Things

Yes, there’s not been a lot of blogs lately. Computer problems, a new job, working two jobs while I finished up my old job, and more shenanigans from Telstra leading to internet problems, made December an even more difficult month than usual. I’ve spent the last few weeks attempting to recover. And while I had no internet the books managed to breed into uncontrollable amounts (hence walking in my study is again proving difficult) We’ve also been setting up the book room at the front, which won’t be finished until Craig finds the perfect desk. It will mean a huge study we can share, when we get it finished.  And I’d like to cram a comfy reading chair in there.

The Redwall collection is now complete in British first editions. I am still waiting for some to arrive, and was informed by the guys at Redwall Wiki that Puffin (previously Hutchinson was publishing them) has stopped printing the hardcover firsts. Philomel, a US branch of Puffin, is still doing US hardcovers. I did buy the last three Philomel editons, books eighteen through to twenty-one. Then I discovered a small handful of US first editions I had in a box. As I previously mentioned, I’ve decided to go back and collect the US editions too. I just had several more copies arrive today, as they were the last three I needed I splurged and payed for shiny signed ones. I’ll put them in the Facebook Album tonight.

The pickings on eBay have been slim. I bought the majority of my Redwalls from abebooks, and I hadn’t shopped there a lot over the last few years. Last year I drifted back because of the poor selection on eBay. It’s odd, when shopping for Craig’s birthday present, which usually requires a lot of thought, I used to be able to go straight to eBay and find a big selection of books and collectibles to search through. I was looking for a Philip K Dick first edition but there was a really small selection, and ended up buying from abebooks again. Although I did get a Tim Powers Anubis Gates first edition (which has a seriously awesome looking jacket) and managed to actually surprise him (victory is mine) as he was probably expecting another PKD. But that leads to another topic. I’ve got a guest post up at Suz’s Space this week, it’s not my usual “I like books” sort of blog. It’s about bookselling, and eBay, both of which are looking a little bleak. If you’re interested, you can check it out here, Who’s To Blame?

My local bookshop provided some good treats this week. We’ve got a tiny bookshop about half an hour away, in the middle of a tiny country town, crammed to the rafters with remainder books. I picked up two facsimile editions of C.S Lewis Narnia first editions by Harper, a book on Henry VIII (prior to wife murdering) by David Starkey the British historian, and a new fantasy book called The Demon King by Cinda Williams Cima. Admittedly I only bought it because of the Robin Hobb recommendation on the front (and then kicked myself an hour later when I remembered the last book that had a Hobb recommendation which was fairly appalling) But it’s a young adult fantasy, or I think it is, and it has wizards. Wizards usually make me happy.

And please remember to try and shop at your local book shop a few times at least this year. You can find independent booksellers here