Dave, Ducks, Little Golden Books and Master Barks

Sometimes I am the world’s worst book collector. I’ll start on a collection with singular dedication, and then, well, I get distracted and forget (hence my current renewed obsession with Redwall)or I start another project. Therefore, it is endless.

Little Golden Books are not something I ever started collecting seriously. There are too many. It’s a daunting project. I have a real love for them, the first book I finished on my own was a Golden Book, Pussy Willow as a matter of fact, and Carmel from Sweethearts Romance Books got me a first edition for Christmas. This sparked a very small collection of Golden books, I have about a dozen, and most of them are Donald Duck, a great friend of mine. I have a 1960’s Donald Duck in Disneyland GB handed down to me by my cousin with both our names in it in my possession, along with the rest of the Golden book titles I managed to collect.

Now my dear friend and obsessive-book-collecting-competitor, comic book Dave, told me there was a Golden Book he was after. And, a fellow Duck enthusiast, he told me it was a Donald Duck. I was instantly indignant that there was a Donald GB I didn’t have. It’s called Donald Duck and the Christmas Carol, and it’s illustrated by the famous Disney artist Carl Barks. It was a US edition and not printed here, which is why I hadn’t seen it. It seems to be the only Little Golden Book in demand by comic book collectors (strange creatures that they are) I found prices to be pretty high at the time. Now I purchased this one from the States for a reasonable price

Only to have Dave tell me

“It’s a second edition. There’s no Christmas tree on the cover, it has the Christmas foil on the spine, it’s got 29c on the cover instead of 25c”

“Fine” I told him “I’ll keep it”

I found him a first edition which had been horribly abused a short time later, locally, which he quite happily accepted despite the condition. Then I put my second edition in the Golden book drawer in the bookcase and promptly forgot that I had it there.

We were having a discussion recently when he was in Melbourne visiting, and I asked him if he still had that copy, which he told me was bagged and boarded. Then Dave decided it would be nice to have a copy of the second edition he had previously pooh-poohed.

Fickle, isn’t he? So I decided to buy myself the first edition.

So there. Christmas tree, gold foil, A inside the spine, 25c on the cover. A full collection of Ducks. And this time I beat Dave to it. Ha! (Childish? Of course I am. I read children’s books)

You can read more about the amazing Carl Barks, creator of the Disney Ducks, at The Carl Barks Fan Club.

Oh and Dave I’ll get you a second edition next.

Post Script

Dave has just informed me that he has since found out the Christmas Spine version is not a second edition, but a variant released a year later. And he is holding me to finding him one now (of course)

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